log houses’ prices

Pricing is directly related to the overall size of the building, type of the logs, wood species, and complexity of the project.
Prices include only the processed logs.

To give an indication, some average prices of a RETRO HOME’s log home:

Price of 1 sq.m of the wall:

Handcrafted round logs

Average price for 1/m2  is 120 €

Handcrafted square beams (Norwegian style)

Beam’s width 15 cm                                                                  110 € / m2

Beam’s width 20 cm                                                                  130 € / m2

Beam’s width 25 cm                                                                  150 € / m2

Machine milled round logs

Average price for 1/m2 is 90 €

Installation price plus 15-20%

20% VAT will be added.
Retro Home reserves the right to change prices.


PS! To see different projects and drawings, please look menu ”Prices and Plans”