Handcrafted log homes

In RETRO HOME we are manufacturing handcrafted log homes, log saunas, vacation cabins and cottages. Almost all our houses are custom-designed from a clean sheet of paper, made exactly to customer desired specification. Also we may use be a set of blueprints you already have.

Usually we cut pine or spruce for log houses in winter time. Upon request wood will be kiln dried. Pine logs of custom sizes and quality are harvested in Estonia by our personal foresters. Diameter of logs usually 20 – 35 cm (may be up to 50 cm).

The majority of our log homes were built with Norwegian Wedge Notch corners. This notch creates an extremely stable, tight- fitting corner. Also it may be Saddle Notch. Batting insulation inserted between logs.

We produce handcrafted logs with square (Norwegian style) or round cross-section.