Handcrafted log houses

People are living in log houses from from the earliest times. We build our log houses using experience of Estonian, Norwegian and Canadian log builders.

In RETRO HOME we are manufacturing handcrafted log homes, log saunas, vacation cabins and cottages. Almost all our houses are custom-designed from a clean sheet of paper, made exactly to customer desired specification. Also we may use be a set of blueprints you already have.

Usually we cut pine or spruce for log houses in winter time. Upon request wood will be kiln dried. Pine logs of custom sizes and quality are harvested in Estonia by our personal foresters. Diameter of logs usually 25 – 35 cm (may be up to 50 cm).


The best thermal insulation material for insulation of log houses and sealing log gaps; wool belts for pivots and rods.

The unique features of wool ensure the best thermal and sound insulation.Wool’s thermal insulation factor complies with the modern requirements for thermal insulation materials.

Insulation material made of wool is flexible, adjusts to different forms and fills the whole gap between horizontal logs.

Twisted and pre-shrink wool fibres do not let wind through.Breathing wool lets in water vapour and does not absorb humidity.Due to that there shall be no mildew and fungi between logs and the material can be installed also during a rainy day.

During belt manufacturing, wool is washed several times and processed with special solutions to make it insect-proof.

Wool does not create dust or emit toxic substances and has antibacterial and antiallergenic properties.

Wool is an ecologic material that does not decay, is reliable and lasts for hundreds of years.


Our production site is situated in Lahemaa national Park, in Vihasoo village. We are manufacturing log houses since 1997.

Best Regards Viktor Ilavski

Viktor Ilavski

Retro Home OÜ